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This Is Why Our Lash Serum Is a Must

Eye Makeup

This Is Why Our Lash Serum Is a Must This Is Why Our Lash Serum Is a Must This Is Why Our Lash Serum Is a Must

What’s the chance that you’ve been complaining about lashes that look too thick? We’re guessing it’s pretty unlikely, which quickly makes it clear why you should be making room in your makeup bag for a lash serum. Of course, not just any serum—we want to introduce you to the L’Oréal Paris Lash Serum Solution Eyelash Serum with Lash Caring Complex. Keep reading, because we’re revealing all the reasons why our lash serum is an absolute must for makeup junkies and minimalist beauties alike. And to prove our point, we’re sharing what real women* have to say about the serum. Let’s get to it!  

Step 1

Reason #1: The results. First things first, we have to talk about what our lash serum does. That’s what you’re here for, right? Formulated with a lash-caring complex, the serum conditions and cares for lashes and leaves them looking denser and thicker due to a decrease in lash loss during makeup removal. The formula is also ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes!

Step 2

If you’re skeptical whether you’ll really see results, you don’t have to take our word for it. After putting the serum to the test, one woman shared, “I am very happy with my lashes after using this product. I feel that they are softer, I feel that they are more dense. They look thicker.” The woman, Marie, also encountered what seven out of ten women experience—less lash loss during makeup removal—saying, "One thing I noticed while using this product was that I definitely had less eyelash loss.” Basically, what doesn’t this serum do? Using the lash serum has even changed up Marie’s makeup game. As she said, “Sometimes I don’t even wear mascara afterwards because [my lashes] just look really nice.”

Step 3

Reason #2: It’s easy! When it comes to adding another step to your beauty routine, it’s always better if it’s an easy one—and our lash serum delivers. Here’s what to do: Start with a clean, dry eye area and get the applicator ready by twisting the cap until the product is visible. Apply the formula onto lashes and along the upper lash line, then allow the serum to dry for 60 seconds before applying mascara (of course, you can rock bare lashes, too!). Follow these steps twice a day for four weeks!

Step 4

Still not sure if you can master using a lash serum and handle making it part of your everyday routine? Let Dina’s experience quell any worries you may have: “The serum was very easy to integrate into my morning and evening routine. I put it in my makeup bag along with my other essentials and I applied it morning and night.” Another way to store your lash serum and remind yourself to make it a habit? Try stowing the tube in your toothbrush holder—that way you’ll be reminded to use it twice a day when you brush your teeth!

Step 5

Reason #3: It becomes a staple. We’re always on the hunt for our next holy grail product—you know, something that’s really tried and true and trustworthy. And that’s exactly what our lash serum has already become. Over 10,000 women received a complimentary serum, used it two times per day for four weeks (consistency pays off!), and loved it! (*Out of 13,500 women who were polled after using a complementary Lash Serum Solution 2x per day for 4 weeks.)

Step 6

What’s the true mark of a must-have beauty product? Being desert island-worthy, of course! If you were stranded on an island, what would you want to have with you? Monique (wisely) picked the L’Oréal Paris Lash Solution, saying, “If I could take one beauty product on an island, it would be my lash serum.” That’s how life-changing it is! And speaking of products that are worthy of need-it-on-an-island status, here are 4 Holy Grail Skin Care Products You Need.